Music and Babies

Can Music help your baby? Absolutely! If you think about all the positive impacts that music has on you as a fully developed adult, think about the ways it will positively impact your baby as well! Music brings joy, calm, peace and a sense of security to babies as much, if not more, than it does for adults.


Lullabies are the first kind of music we think of when we consider the relationship between music and babies. Whether it is a made-up song that makes no sense or a classic “Rock-a-by-baby”, the soothing properties of a slow lullaby have proven time and time again to induce and help a baby sleep.

In addition to sleep, music is actually proven to have been therapeutic for premature babies. There have been studies that have linked music to weight gain, especially in the premature babies. Lullabies have proven to be linked directly to shorter hospital stays.

Effects of Music on Babies and Parents

Music can also work babies’ brains in a similar fashion to the ways in which it helps and works adults’ brains. It can help stimulate different parts of a baby’s brain.

In addition to the effect on the baby, the benefits of music on the parents helps keep them calm, relaxed and helps lift spirits. It also helps create, enhance and strengthen the bond between parents and children. Rocking and moving together to a tune is an extremely important bonding experience.

Choosing the Right Kind of Music

Music for babies exists in many different forms and parents should do their research on the benefits of different types of music and when they are used or being appropriate. Music has a place in everyone’s life but it is important to remember babies’ sensitivities as well. This means, parents should be aware of how loud and how long music is played. It is important to understand the benefits and identify where music fits in your and your baby’s life.