Benefits of Music for Kids

Brain Power

Studies show that music can help develop kids’ brain power. Music has been linked to higher grades and better academic achievements due to the way that music involves certain parts of the brain that help with match, reading, etc.


Similar to brain power, music helps strengthen kids’ memories. It basically stimulates alternative and different brain development patterns. There have been many studies linking memory and music in adults too but it’s particularly true for kids.

Social Skills

Whether it is a sports team, book club or – you guessed it – music or an instrument, all of those help kids develop crucial social skills. On top of making friends, learning an instrument helps with teamwork, social interaction, time management, and diligence.


A confident kid is often a happy, successful kid. Music and learning music or an instrument boosts confidence.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same is true for learning an instrument, listening to music and reading. It all takes time to learn and perfect. Patience is a virtue that comes into play with music. It is very rewarding for kids but does require a significant amount of patience.


Music helps kids learn ways to express themselves. It provides an outlet and a mechanism to express emotions, feelings and individuality.


Not only does music require patience but discipline as well. It helps with structure, routine and discipline. Self-regulation is a huge benefit to music, especially when it comes to learning an instrument.


Even if kids aren’t learning music, even just listening to music can help them learn, retain and help teach their brain to work in different ways, keeping their brains active and their minds alert.

As one can see, the benefits of music for kids are countless and there is no better way to keep your child’s mind healthy and happy then to include music into their lives!